core and transport network upgrades from 2G to LTE

The wireless evolution over the last decade has been dynamic and disruptive. Throughout this evolution, Axis Teknologies has completed more than a thousand wireless infrastructure projects, including upgrades of core and transport networks.

From GSM asset utilization, MTSO modifications, and TDMA decommissioning; to UMTS core network planning, national UMTS core national rip and replace, MSC audits, and switch and transport upgrades; to LTE ETTCS, Mobile Gateway Control (MGCF) upgrades, field testing, network integration and migration – Axis Teknologies has been part of the wireless infrastructure evolution every step of the way.

Axis Core and Transport Network services focus on Project Management, planning, design, implementation, and optimization of upgrades related to the equipment and technology inside the MTSO and controlling the signaling and transportation of data within the network core infrastructure.

Teams of Axis Wireless Experts have saved Tier 1 Carriers millions with innovative solutions, improving operational efficiencies and speed-to-market related to core and transport network upgrades.

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