managed services for “one-throat-to-choke”

Managing multiple vendors for a large project can place a tremendous burden, even an overload, on limited internal resources. A more efficient model, adopted by many tier 1 wireless carriers, is to carve out territories into turfs under the control of a single vendor responsible for all aspects of achieving the objectives of a specific scope of work. This includes the hiring and management of sub-contractors needed to meet scope objectives.

Axis Teknologies has excelled in this “one-throat-to-choke” model on multiple large and small Managed Services over the last decade. From E911 standardization to regional network acquisition integration to Data Center LTE upgrades, Axis Managed Services have come in under budget, met or exceeded deployment milestones and KPIs, and improved network and operational efficiencies.

Axis is proud that many of our Managed Services project leaders eventually transitioned into key full time leadership positions at the companies where the services were delivered.

Axis is the partner you can trust for high quality delivery of the objectives outlined in your scope of work, to navigate smoothly across your inter-department functionalities, and go above and beyond to provide solutions that positively impact your bottom line.

Contact us to discuss how an Axis Managed Service can help unburden your internal operations and achieve your strategic wireless infrastructure build-out goals.