small cell network roll out

Since Small Cell Network deployment on a broad-scale is relatively new, few service providers have experience in overcoming obstacles in achieving deployment objectives. Axis Teknologies is one of the few vendors with expertise managing Small Cell deployment projects, on a national scale.

Consumer voracious demand for voice and data – everywhere, unlimited and with perfect quality, right now – has driven explosive expansion in the wireless segment, even while other industries are still struggling with an economic crunch.

This has opened up tremendous business opportunities, along with tremendous technical challenges to develop and deploy seamless small cell networks that provide the capacity and ubiquitous coverage demanded.

Small Cell Networks are more than just another upgrade to existing wireless infrastructure. This is truly disruptive technology, changing the wireless infrastructure landscape and the far-reaching impact on wireless connectivity and the quality of life.

Broad-scale Small Cell Network implementation is not just business as usual. It often requires entirely new ways of addressing:

  • The ideal heterogeneous network designs for coverage at unique indoor and outdoor venues, utilizing optimum configurations of available new technologies
  • Integration of the small cell devices (from metrocells to DAS and WiFi) and platforms from multiple manufacturers
  • Choosing backhaul options for best TCO
  • Installation efficiencies and project management of high volumes of moving parts
  • Streamlining inter-departmental processes to meet delivery deadlines promised to customers
  • Customer relations and satisfaction during and after the transition
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