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Special Ops

Sometimes strategic plans run into major obstacles during real world implementation that are much more difficult than the usual day-to-day operating challenges. There are times when the right subject matter experts, not involved in daily operations, can resolve very difficult challenges faster than the people in the weeds who are handling the issues day in and day out. 

This is where Axis Teknologies Special Ops comes in.

Axis deploys Special Ops Projects to analyze, troubleshoot and recommend a resolution to get the issues handled and the objectives back on track. Special Ops Projects may take a day, or may take several weeks, depending on the complexity and magnitude of the situation. The result is a precise, detailed recommendation on how to resolve a major issue that could have been delaying strategic plan implementation for months.

Once the Special Ops recommended resolution is provided to the company, it can implement the recommendations directly or utilize an Axis Managed Service or Custom Project to implement.

Contact us to find out if an Axis Special Ops project would be the best direction for you to take to unravel your most difficult challenges – fast, efficiently and without distraction to your vital on-going operations.

Axis delivers what we promise, always.

Managed Services

Managing multiple vendors for a large project can place a tremendous burden, even an overload, on limited internal resources. A more efficient model, adopted by many tier 1 wireless carriers, is to carve out territories into turfs under the control of a single vendor responsible for all aspects of achieving the objectives of a specific scope of work. This includes the hiring and management of sub-contractors needed to meet scope objectives.

Axis Teknologies has excelled in this “one-throat-to-choke” model on multiple large and small Managed Services over the last decade. From E911 standardization to regional network acquisition integration to Data Center LTE upgrades, Axis Managed Services have come in under budget, met or exceeded deployment milestones and KPIs, and improved network and operational efficiencies.

Axis is proud that many of our Managed Services project leaders eventually transitioned into key full time leadership positions at the companies where the services were delivered.

Axis is the partner you can trust for high quality delivery of the objectives outlined in your scope of work, to navigate smoothly across your inter-department functionalities, and go above and beyond to provide solutions that positively impact your bottom line.

Contact us to discuss how an Axis Managed Service can help unburden your internal operations and achieve your strategic wireless infrastructure build-out goals

Custom Projects

The accomplishment of wireless infrastructure build out strategy requires thousands of short-term projects running concurrently – starting up, meeting milestone, sizing up or down, and closing out, all at the same time.

Some projects take only a couple of months, some can take as long as 36 months, but each project is temporary with finite objectives and a definite point of completion. They are not just business as usual. Axis Custom Projects are based on a statement of work with exact objectives, milestones and metrics to implement mission critical wireless infrastructure strategy.

Axis raises the bar on how Custom Projects are delivered, offering a different approach that results in exceptional quality standards of professionalism and deliverables achieved:

  • Axis PM/Account Managers oversee our teams of Wireless Experts assigned to Custom Projects to ensure project deliverables are met.
  • The Axis project teams working side-by-side with our customers are high-level Wireless Experts in the exact disciplines and technologies your projects need, with proven track records of achieving milestones and getting results.
  • Our Wireless Experts know how to smoothly thread vertical department competencies across the organization, increasing speed-to-market and reducing operational costs.
  • Our Wireless Experts bundle together the knowledge of distinct disciplines with leading edge technology to provide innovative solutions.
  • Our Wireless Experts are critical thinkers who understand the big picture and can predict problems even before they occur.

Contact us to discuss how an Axis Custom Project can help increase your speed-to-market of wireless infrastructure upgrades while reducing your operating expenses and improving efficiencies.